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At East Bridge University, we provide an extensive home study guide that aids our students' learning processes and helps them excel in their studies. Our study guide walks students through our detailed pedagogical approach, study planning, and exam administration, and provides helpful online learning resources.

We at EBU strongly believe in giving equal opportunities to all who are willing and able to study at a University. All our programs are designed in such a way that they cater to the needs of students in the modern world. The courses that we offer at EBU are entirely online with flexible schedules and can be completed from the comfort of home while not needing to compromise with professional work or personal time. In addition, our courses allow students to learn alongside a wide variety of individuals and obtain professional knowledge from dedicated academics.

We enable our students to follow their passion anytime and anywhere.

Once you get clarity on why you should study, let’s dive into what and how you should learn. There are a few things to consider while deciding the right course for you:

  • What do you love to do?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are your interests?
  • What are your career goals?

You should discuss your choices and options with an academic mentor or a career advisor. Remember to inquire about the recognition of your past learning.

You can mail us at: studentsupport@ebu.ac

Online Study Guide Checklist

Since our students are adults who are mature enough to understand their own needs and requirements, we provide the option to students to either follow EBU’s Study Guide or devise their own learning method and schedule as long as they meet the requirements outlined in the distance learning degree program. However, we encourage our students to always include the intellectual procedures of learning and assimilation suggested by the EBU home study pedagogy.

  • Enough Time to Study: Make sure that you dedicate at least 10-12 hours for each subject in a week.
  • A Dedicated Study Space: Take care to have a place where you can focus on your studies without (at least relatively) interruption, be it an office, bedroom, local cafe, or library.
  • Having the Right Set of Equipment: As you will be pursuing an online course, having a computer or a laptop with a stable internet connection is a prerequisite. If you would like to read hard copies of the study materials instead of reading on a screen, then a printer will also be essential for you. Keeping a study planner and a diary handy, whether digitally or on paper, is a good idea.
  • Being Committed: You have to be self-motivated and have the drive in you to study independently, stay organised, and ensure that you complete tasks on time.
  • Having Support: It can be of great help to have a partner, friend, colleague, or mentor by your side who can support you when times get tough.

How to Prepare for Success?

It is essential to strike a study-life balance to achieve any success. We encourage our students to stick to their study schedules, and when finished, to take a break and concentrate on other facets of their lives.

Some points to keep in mind

  • Remember to use the resources at your disposal to get any assistance whenever needed.
  • If you have any course-relation concerns, make sure to reach out to the instructor or the discussion board.
  • For any technical support, reach out to our IT department.
  • Talk to your fellow students to know more about their study processes and share tips and tricks on how to study better.

We know that learning something new can sometimes feel overwhelming and challenging. We always encourage our students to keep going when faced with any difficulties and we always help our students to navigate through any challenges that they face while going through the course.

We advise our students to maintain clear communication with their instructors. In case any student fails to meet a deadline, it is essential that he/ she communicates that to their instructors at the earliest instead of waiting for the deadline to be passed. When students are upfront about their challenges and difficulties, instructors are more likely to cooperate and work with the students.

EBU Program Assessment Tips

  • Hone your writing skills. It might be a better idea for you to put off enrolling in online classes if you are not comfortable with college-level writing and gain more experience in writing before taking online courses.
  • Apply your critical thinking abilities. The majority of online courses include assignments that call for critical thinking and problem-solving. It's not only viewing video lectures and doing multiple-choice exams. You must actively take part in the course.
  • Actively initiate conversations, ask questions, and seek help. Keep in mind that your instructor cannot see you, so they cannot tell whether you are having trouble understanding the lecture or studying. You should be the first one to communicate your problems.
  • Be patient. You have to wait for your instructor's response when you ask a question or ask for assistance with an assignment. Before you hear back, you might have to finish reading or writing an assignment. If an instructor has any scheduled time for being online, use those periods to get quick responses and feedback.
  • Take advantage of any chance to communicate with other course participants. Try to arrange your schedules to coincide with someone else enrolled in the same course so that you may discuss homework and study together. Students who feel a sense of belonging to a learning community generally perform better than those who feel isolated.

Time Management

Keeping up with your online coursework can be challenging, particularly if you have a family, a job, or other commitments that require your time. You can take the help of resources that are available online to learn about time management. It is crucial to build a time management strategy that suits your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle. Every semester, take note of your situation because life is ever-changing and will have an impact on how you manage your time.


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