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About East Bridge University (EBU)

East Bridge University is a private and independent online learning institution operating under the French Education Act, specifically governed by the provisions outlined in the Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28. EBU adheres to stringent regulations and standards to ensure the quality and integrity of our educational offerings.

East Bridge University (formerly Known as East Bridge College) was established in February 2021 and is a pioneering higher learning institution committed to bringing the best quality Degree and Diploma courses for working professionals. EBU provides a wide range of programs that are affordable and tailor-made to suit the needs of adults who are looking for higher education.


All the courses offered by EBU are entirely online with a flexible timeline which allows working professionals to commit to the program of their choice without the need to attend physical classes or follow a strict routine. The programs are so designed that they meet the current industry standards while at the same time being affordable.


EBU offers a variety of career pathways in Business, Education, Teaching and Management which include courses like Online Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, and Bachelor’s, Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Programs.


Why East Bridge University?

East Bridge University (EBU) is a pioneering institution for adult learners and professionals. Committed to delivering top-quality industry-specific courses, EBU enables students to gain knowledge and advance their careers at their own pace.

Founded with a passion for transforming education, EBU aims to fill gaps left by formal schooling. Through authentic online pedagogy, EBU strives to meet the unique needs of distance learners.

Legally incorporated in Paris, France (RCS No. 981 441 579 Paris on 15 November 2023), EBU-Paris is a private, independent university. It offers higher education programs distinct from the French national curriculum and public system.

All EBU programs are entirely online which provides the much-needed flexibility for working professionals who have a demanding schedule. Our curricula are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique needs of adult learners and enable them to seamlessly integrate their work and their studies.

At EBU, we provide comprehensive guidance to the online learning program upon enrollment. We follow a system where credit is given for prior learning and work experience, streamlining the educational journey. Students are tasked with producing insightful reports on assigned content which is used as a means to assess academic progress and achievements. Furthermore, in keeping with the standard practice of distance learning degree programs, a project or thesis is kept as an integral part of the curriculum.

Administrative Centre of East Bridge University

The East Bridge University’s administrative centre plays a pivotal role in ensuring the legality and validity of EBU's programs. Each EBU student receives a distinguished certificate and degree from EBU upon successful completion of their program. Operating under the supervision of officers based in Paris France, our administrative centres are dedicated to providing seamless coordination with the students, aiming to enhance the overall learning experience.

East Bridge Academic Board

Responsible for maintaining the quality and accessibility of our diverse range of study programs, the East Bridge Academic Board takes a leading role in refining the pedagogical aspects of the distance learning framework. They are in charge of designing all our courses as well as evaluating the progress and achievement of our students. Our academic board comprises of highly proficient team of educators, supervisors, and scholars hailing from esteemed traditional universities across various nations which ensure the academic efficacy and credibility of EBU programs. The East Bridge Academic Board is overseen by both the President and the Administrative Centre.

Recognition of the Degree

East Bridge University is honored to have received approval from the Rector of the Paris Academy, the educational authority for Paris, as a recognized distance learning establishment. As the Rector of the Paris Academy operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Education and Youth, this approval signifies our institution's compliance with rigorous standards set forth by the French regulatory framework.

Being categorized as a private non-contracted distance learning institution, East Bridge University adheres meticulously to the guidelines outlined in the Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28. These regulations govern the operation and accreditation of distance learning institutions, ensuring that educational offerings meet the requisite standards of quality and integrity.


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