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East Bridge University provides a wide range of educational degrees starting from the graduation to doctoral level. A degree in Education can open up many lucrative career opportunities for professionals which are not only limited to the role of a teacher. Even though teaching is a highly sought-after and rewarding career path for many, it is important to acknowledge that an Education degree opens up a wide array of career paths and job opportunities other than teaching.

Let us take a close look at the career opportunities that a degree in Education can provide:

  • School Teacher:

    One of the most common and rewarding career paths in education is becoming a school teacher. Teachers are considered as the individuals who shape future generations and are generally held in high esteem. This can be one of the most fulfilling career paths for people who like to impart knowledge and act as guides in shaping students' future.
  • Online Educator:

    With the rise in internet-based educational systems, online educators are in high demand. Experts from various fields are required to impart knowledge on niche courses and programs. Having a background in Education and some technical expertise helps secure a position as an online educator in any prestigious online university or educational institutions.
  • Corporate Trainer:

    Corporate Trainers are hired by organisations to train their employees which include various tasks like organising skill enhancement programs, conducting seminars, and developing training programs to streamline the employee’s skills and performance in line with the organisation’s objectives. The role of a corporate trainer has a high demand and can bag a salary package of up to $82000 per annum.
  • Administrative Positions:

    Having post-graduation and doctoral level qualifications in the field of teaching and education can also open up managerial positions, like principal, vice principal, board of directors, etc for individuals. These are higher-level positions as they are in charge of the overall functioning of the educational institutions. Managerial positions in educational institutions have salary packages as high as $90000 annually.
  • Academic, or Career Counselor:

    The job of an academic, or career counselor is to assess an individual’s background, skillsets, strengths, and weaknesses, and then guide them as to what career path and industry would be best suited to them as per their abilities and inclinations. They guide students based on their expertise and industry knowledge. The median salary of their position is generally $56,000 per annum.
  • Curriculum Designer:

    Curriculum designing involves planning and developing course content that aligns with the needs of the program as well as the learners. A strong understanding of the requirements of the students as well as the objectives of the course is very essential for the role of a curriculum designer. The salary for this role on average is $58,000 a year, and is expected to see a growth of 7% in the coming years.
  • Textbook Author:

    Textbook authors, as suggested write content for school textbooks. They work closely with publishers and the requirements vary as per the grades the textbooks are meant for. A strong grasp of grammar and a general flair for writing can help to succeed in this role.
  • Instructional Designer:

    Instructional designers develop and provide training and educational resources in a wide range of formats to students from diverse backgrounds. They use multimedia and eLearning technologies in addition to conventional paper resources like handouts and manuals. This role can generally have a salary package as high as $64,000 per annum.
  • Adult Education:

    Being a part of higher education and higher learning can be a very lucrative career path for many. The needs and requirements of adult learners are very different from those of school students. Becoming a professor, or getting hired as a trainer in corporations, can easily become a reality through our higher learning course in education. The average salaries for higher learning jobs range from $53000 to $82000 per annum.
  • Private Tutors:

    Private tutoring generally involves aiding students in their studies by teaching them subjects, helping them out with areas where they are weak, and preparing them for exams and tests. This is mostly freelance work and does not require the same rigorous qualification and training as a school teacher but having a background in education and learning helps. The average earnings of a private tutor can be around $25,000 per year.
  • Educational consultant:

    Education consultants are employed to provide problem-solving and curriculum-choice advice. To receive recommendations on education and college, families can also directly hire educational consultants. The annual salary range for this position is between $60,000 and $75,000, with hourly payments possible from private clients. They must also have prior industry experience in addition to a background in education.
  • Homeschool Consultant:

    Homeschool consultants are hired, much like educational consultants, to provide recommendations on curricula and learning materials and guarantee that students who choose to homeschool receive instruction that adheres to the required standards. This is a way to ensure that students who are homeschooled are not left behind. A rise in homeschooling has made it possible for consultants to make between $60,000 and $75,000 annually.
  • School Counsellors:

    The role of a school counsellor is to help students figure out the best-suited options for their future careers, guide them in their educational decisions, and help with their strengths and weaknesses. This career has the potential to make nearly $56,000 annually and has a growth rate of 13%.
  • Pre-School Directors:

    Pre-school directors are generally concerned with the overall management of the preschool. The job role includes monitoring all activities, moderating and facilitating educators, and ensuring that students are getting quality education. This might be an appealing career choice for anyone who loves being with kids and children.
  • Educational Policy Analyst and Researcher:

    This role requires one to analyse the current education educational policies and study the whole education system in order the understand the strengths and weaknesses of the system and the policies that are working. They research new policies for the betterment of the education system and upliftment of the student’s learning experience.
  • Camp Director:

    The main job of camp directors is to plan and execute camp activities and programs, and take care of the overall supervision of camps. Mostly working seasonally, the salary of a camp director varies greatly with an average rate of $15 per hour.
  • Residence Life Coordinator:

    A residence life coordinator is someone who takes care of the management of student dormitories and other such facilities of schools and colleges. In this role, one might be responsible for allocating rooms to the students, keeping an eye on expenses, handling problems with furniture and repairs, and handling disputes that arise inside the residence. This position requires prior management and student-handling experience.
  • Life Coach:

    A life coach mainly provides alternative perspectives and methods to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Large company executives can work with life coaches to improve their work-life balance or to make positive changes to their daily routines. The coach's experience and level of expertise in the field play a major role in determining their salary.
  • Freelance Writer or Blogger:

    Freelance writing is a great choice for those who want a flexible career or a side job while juggling full-time teaching. Writers and bloggers usually create content for print and digital platforms. The demand for digital content has increased with the growth of the internet and e-commerce, offering more opportunities for freelance writers. They create quality content for websites and social media, earning up to $23 per hour.
  • Historical Tour Guide:

    Individuals with an interest in and expertise in history can be a part of educational tours and act as guides for people visiting historical places and museums. This can be an exciting opportunity for many people with a love for travel, history, and education. The salary for this position can be as high as $46000 a year.

A career in the field of education is not only limited to school teaching, or becoming a professor. However, they can be lucrative career paths for many if they choose. It is essential to keep our job opportunities wide and equip ourselves with the necessary skills and expertise to become employable across a large sector of industries. A degree in Education and Learning can open up various exciting and rewarding career paths and job opportunities.


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