EBU’s Accelerated Degree Programs

What is an Accelerated Degree Program?

Most job opportunities with a high scope of professional growth generally prefer candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree. However, some students might find it daunting and difficult to pursue a traditional college degree which requires dedicated time due to certain circumstances and situations in their life that might compel them to work even before completing their graduation.

Our online degree programs with flexible schedules enable the students to pursue their education while being on a job. The accelerated degree programs require less time to complete than traditional degrees and are completely online.

Pros of Accelerated Degree Programs

  • Accelerated Degree Programs take less time to complete than traditional degree programs and hence enable students to graduate, start looking for a job, and earn money faster than a regular student.
  • Accelerated Programs also comprise shorter periods or terms that usually range from 5 to 12 weeks compared to the semester system of traditional programs. This flexibility allows students to fit their studies into their busy work schedules.
  • Accelerated programs are also more economical than traditional degree programs since most accelerated degree courses cost less than conventional degrees along with the flexibility of classes.

Cons of Accelerated Degree Programs

  • Since Accelerated Degree Programs have the same amount of coursework and the same number of courses as a traditional degree program but with a shorter duration, a considerable amount of time and energy is required to be invested in them which might seem burdensome to some students who might prefer a lengthier semester system.

Advantages of an Accelerated Degree Program:

Accelerated Degree Programs have many benefits including flexibility, shorter-time span, and are economical.

Accelerated Degree Programs help in:

  • Swift career changes
  • Enhanced career growth
  • Cost-effective education
  • Varied choices in scheduling class timings
  • Less downtime during summers and school breaks

Guidelines for Excelling in Accelerated Degree Program

Accelerated Degree Programs are highly intensive and fast-paced which requires time and dedication from the students to properly extract the benefits of the courses.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while pursuing an Accelerated Degree Program:

  • The students should enquire if they can transfer credits from any other institutions attended by them, from placement examinations to any work experience. This will be highly beneficial for the students as it will help them to save time by cutting down course duration.
  • The students should be self-motivated in pursuing the course and should ensure that all their academic commitments are met within the set timelines. The students should be able to create a schedule that will align with their studies along with work and personal life.
  • It is generally advised to opt for these academic programs when the other aspects of life become slow-paced. For instance, planning for a wedding, preparing to become parents, or joining a new job are not the best times to commit to this workload.
  • Candidates benefit most from face-to-face interactions with professors to clear doubts and gain clarity on learning topics. Online classes should also facilitate this. To find the best instructors for their specific needs, students should ask peers for recommendations and contact instructors before classes start. During classes, it's important to regularly reach out to educators for guidance and a better understanding of course expectations. This helps students align with their instructors and improves their chances of getting higher grades.
  • Taking care of mental and personal well-being during the course is also essential. It allows the students to relax and gain mental clarity which helps them to perform better.

Although an accelerated degree program might not be suited for everyone, it offers those with minimal financial resources but plenty of zeal and commitment the chance to advance in their careers and earn degrees faster.

People should be aware that when they enroll in these accelerated programs, the modules can occasionally be very large, and the assignments can often be fairly difficult with deadlines for several modules overlapping. However, individuals who persist will be able to join the workforce as key players in much less time.

Accelerated Degree Programs save time and money and help students get into the workplace much faster than the typical 4-year Bachelor’s degree or a 2-year Master’s degree.


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