East Bridge University - Awarding Strategies & Principles

Awarding Strategies

EBU's main goal is to provide a wide range of Work Oriented Lifelong Occupational Learning Qualifications in order to provide mature working individuals with out-of-the-box opportunities to earn worthy Professional Lifelong Occupational Undergraduate, Post Graduate, and Professional Doctoral Degree Qualifications in order to advance their respective careers.

EBU intends to follow four standards and foundations for establishing the college. First, to unify the profession; second, to provide continuing professional development; third, to support matured non-academic working individuals; and finally, to provide a wide range of Professional and Managerial Knowledge Degree Qualifications that equip an individual to make significant contributions to the global business economy.

Awarding Principals

It is becoming increasingly evident to all students who are planning to pursue EBU’s online degree programs that all our programs are non-orthodox and non-traditional academic degrees. However, all the Professional and Managerial Knowledge Degrees are accepted internationally. Our courses take into consideration the lifelong learning experience and professional knowledge of all our applicants. All our course syllabi are designed in such a way that it is practical with hands-on work experience.

Learning all through life means combining a variety of learning formats and making a big impact through real practical actions, leading to important changes or progress in a group or a community. To get a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree, you have to provide a detailed description of your work and learning experiences. This will be part of your projects, thesis, and assignments. It's very important to decide if you qualify for the right degree based on your professional knowledge.


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