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East Bridge University Office will communicate regarding the presentation of written assignments, listen to the questions about online content, comprehension, knowledge level, and so on alongside administrative queries. The administrators will act as an intermediary and pass on the student’s concerns to the appropriate department.

East Bridge University relies on an international network of instructors and a global connection with other educational institutions to cater to the academic needs of the programs offered. All members of the EBU academic network are located in various countries and are highly qualified professionals with years of formal experience. To stay connected with an intricate academic network of educators from America, Europe, and Asia, the EBU offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Thailand prove to be the most efficient way to communicate and opt for the best way to address a variety of student needs.

East Bridge University has established several strategies to provide proper academic help and advice to our students during their online learning experience.

General Advice

Answering Time: We at EBU believe in taking swift actions and hence we always answer our student’s queries within 24 working hours. Our EBU administrators answer students' questions concerning their home study assignments (reports, projects, or theses), the structure of the work to be delivered, and the presentation, as well as any concerns about the administrative procedures.

Instructor Interaction

Time to schedule an interaction: Our students are welcome to contact us on any working day. The EBU administrators can connect you with an an academic advisor who can help you with any academic issues. Students can, however, communicate by email.
The EBU office will monitor all types of interactions to maintain a smooth flow of communication. Since we have a pool of advisors, academic advisors may change as a student moves through the study program, depending on their availability. We ensure that this move will not have an impact on the level of help we provide to our students, as all EBU instructors are well-versed with the academic topics.

Online Content Support

Assigning Time for Support Text: It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks when students' questions about their understanding of the provided online content remain unclear even after an interaction with the instructor. In such instances, the EBU Faculty will give some home study support materials to the student to assist the learner in bridging the knowledge gap. EBU encourages further reading to improve their grasp and expertise on the subject, and faculties will assist them by sharing learning links and resources in their field of study. We do not, however, require reports on the texts assigned for support purposes.

Research mentoring

Time for research mentoring: The time for research mentoring varies depending on the student’s circumstances.

The directions for creating a research paper have been elaborately designed to suit various academic criteria. According to the EBU research format, some students may be required to utilise footnotes, while others may only include a final appendix with research references; nonetheless, all students must include a well-referenced bibliography. A proper reference emphasises the students' extensive investigation of the subject, as they assemble inferences and information from a variety of trustworthy, academic sources.

We at EBU also allow certain flexibilities with the format. The student can suggest a research theme, which depends on the approval of the EBU administrators. They can also ask to talk to an academic advisor about various research ideas to help them choose one that fits their preferences. Our academic advisors assist with how to write a research paper, and the basic structure required to follow, and even guide the students with regard to some books and methodologies required to conduct their study. EBU may also provide some online/home-study textbooks to help in developing a solid academic foundation for planned research.

Feedback & Improvement

Time for Evaluation and Grading: This takes about 1 to 3 weeks from the time the assignments are received. The EBU professors will provide feedback on any academic work (reports, projects, or theses) that are reviewed. Our instructors always give specific comments to their students so that they may understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. Our teachers are required to provide relevant and constructive feedback on any assignment with a final grade of less than 3.0 (70%). Furthermore, the student has the option to resubmit their work by writing a fresh paper that demonstrates their understanding of the feedback received. This phase will allow them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the whole issue.

Program reassignment

Time for program reassignment: It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks, however, this can vary depending on the circumstances, which can include a few instances where the allocated program exhibits some level of irregularity. For example, the student may find the assignments to be either too easy or too difficult to comprehend. These rare situations are usually the result of a résumé misreading during the student's acceptance to the program. In such circumstances, East Bridge University will assess the entire program and reassign fresh program/textbooks after validating correct information from the student regarding his/her projected learning goals and exact problems of the initial assignment. In such circumstances, the student's background might be thoroughly investigated and validated prior to completing any new assignments. The University Academic Board has the authority to modify, add, or delete any bibliography and/or assignments.

Other Languages: For Non-Native English Speakers

Our students frequently claim that reading in a foreign language is much simpler than writing in one; thus, you may request to study the EBU program with English textbooks and write the necessary academic work (reports, projects, or theses) in another language, subject to clearance by our administrators. The texts, however, cannot be translated. If feasible, EBU can aid you in obtaining equivalent books in your preferred language that correspond to the contents of our original materials. Please keep in mind that EBC does not assess language levels; please use your discretion to ensure that you understand the texts assigned.


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