Academic Credit System

East Bridge University has created a centralised grading-assessment database system that enables us to grade assignments using rubrics. We follow an academic credit system and percentages of the marks obtained to grade all our courses. We also follow a grading scale that has GPA Equivalence.

Grade Point Average (GPA) can be defined as “an average of all the grade points you have earned throughout your degree program.” The GPA is important as it is treated as a globally accepted metric to judge the academic performance of the student, especially in the case of higher education. It is used as a measure to gauge your academic achievement.

Understanding the GPA Grading System is essential since it acts as a measurement of the student’s overall educational accomplishment at East Bridge University. This is a standardised measuring system that helps in summarising the overall academic performance of any candidate.

Percentage of Marks Obtained Equivalent GPA
90 - 100% 4.0
80 - 89% 3.7 - 3.9
70 - 79% 3.3 - 3.6
60 - 69% 2.7 - 3.2
50 - 59% 2.0 - 2.6
Below 50% Below 2.0

Our Grading Scale:

Excellent A 91 - 100%
Very Good B 80 - 89%
Good C 70 - 79%
Satisfactory D 60 - 69%
Sufficient E (Minimum Passing Grade) 50 - 59%
Fail F Below 50%

A grade point average of E (2.0 - 50%) or higher is required to earn any course credits.

Our Academic Credit System

Program Total Credits
Bachelor's Degree Programs 180 Credits
Master's Degree Programs 120 Credits
Professional Doctorate Programs 180 Credits
DBA Program 240 Credits

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