Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration is a highly prestigious degree in the corporate and the business world. An MBA degree can be the most suitable for anyone looking to enter the corporate world or advance their business careers. MBAs have a competitive advantage in the highly volatile job market as they get the technical nitty-gritty along with the practical understanding of their chosen professional field.

Course Overview

Online MBA provided by East Bridge University is a unique degree program that can be pursued from anywhere and anytime which enables students to learn from the comfort of their homes and balance their education and work commitments. Our MBA program has been created in an interactive digital learning environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and active learning. Pursuing an MBA can open up new avenues of career opportunities for students as MBAs are now looked at as a highly esteemed degree and increase one’s ‘brand value’ in front of potential recruiters.

East Bridge University provides the following MBA Specialisations:


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