Certificates and Transcripts

All graduation documents are always generated in English and are up-to-date as per our latest guidelines and formats. These documents may be issued and legalised from Paris.

East Bridge University provides the following graduation documents:

  • Degree - Issued from EBU, the degree has the candidate’s full name, the name of the course completed, the country of degree issuance, and the signature of the Dean of the Faculty, the President, and the Registrar. The degree does not show any information regarding distance learning.
  • Transcript - The transcript contains all the credits accounted toward the degree, including the credits transferred from previous education, and the corresponding grades. Issued by East Bridge University, it comprises the Diploma Supplement information as deemed necessary by the European Higher Education Guidelines.
  • Graduation Completion Letter - A letter is issued by East Bridge University displaying the information of successful completion of the course from the Head of the Board of Academics.
  • Reference Letter - A reference letter can be issued upon request from the Head of Faculty of the School of East Bridge University. It is equivalent to a recommendation letter and serves as a testament to the integrity, capability, and character of the student.

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