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Tailored for forward-thinkers, Industry-Focused Doctorate programs feature a cutting-edge curriculum designed to empower Enterprising Career Enthusiasts with the specialized skills demanded by evolving professional landscapes

  • Advanced Specialization: Delivers expert-level knowledge in a specific field.
  • Applied Research Skills: Enhances problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
  • Career Advancement: Opens doors to higher-level roles and leadership positions.

Mr. Kaaushik Vardhan

Senior Infrastructure Cloud & On-Premise Project Manager, Malaysia

Most Popular Online Degrees for Working Adults

East Bridge University (EBU) provides an extensive range of courses designed for professionals ranging from diploma to doctoral studies, offering an opportunity to explore unique learning opportunities.

Comprehensive Programs each offering a customized curriculum & a global insight













Gain Access To Quality Education

The East Bridge University (EBU) offers a comprehensive array of programs tailored for professionals aspiring to excel in executive positions within their respective fields.

  • Credit for Prior Learning and Experience

  • Faster Completion for Busy Adults

  • Accelerated Courses for Adults and Professionals

  • Excellent Student Support

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Affordable Degree Programs

Come with easy installment plans, scholarships, pay per credit basis and flexible payment options.


Flexible Learning

Just-in time learning options for career learners with open contents and global learning yet personalized experience.


Fully Accredited and Trusted Degree

Programs are validated and approved by The Rector of the Paris Academy operates under the Ministry of National Education, France.


Multiple Devices Seamless Learning

A framework for learning and delivering engaging multi-device eLearning courses in today's world.


Academic FAQ

EBU has received official authorization from French National and Higher Education authorities to offer programs via distance learning, seen as a cutting-edge and growing learning approach in the 21st century. It is crucial to emphasize that using this method for teaching and evaluation does not classify the university as an online institution. EBU provides all of its programs as standard programs, resulting in students earning standard degrees. Dispelling the misconception that online delivery and assessment define a university as online or grant an online degree is essential. There is actually no such thing as an online university or an online degree in existence. Just because the teaching is done online, at a distance, or at your own pace doesn't mean the university or its degrees are considered online or unconventional. EBU-Paris guarantees the maintenance of its programs' quality and recognition by complying with the standards established by the French higher education system.

We, at East Bridge University, firmly believe that every talented student deserves a platform where they can receive quality education to fulfil their goals and further their careers. We strive to make our belief into a reality by providing financial assistance to our students through our scholarship programs.

We have kept our online application process completely free where students can apply through our website and get matched with suitable scholarships based on their achievements and potential.

  • Step 1: Sign in to www.ebu.ac and click on Enrol Now button ,located at the top right corner.
  • Step 2: Fill in the Application Form
  • Step 3: Select the 'Apply Now' send in the application form.
  • Step 4: Your application will be examined by the Admissions Committee and payment information will be provided if your application is chosen.
  • Step 5: Complete the payment and begin your educational journey.

Get high-quality education at an affordable price at East Bridge University, where you can easily make payments for courses through different methods like online transfers and cards. We also offer a convenient instalment option for payment.

Upon completing each subject, there will be assignments to evaluate your comprehension and expertise, and based on your score your ECTS will be determined accordingly.

EBU provides you with credit transfer which helps the students to cut down on study time and enables them to finish degree programs faster. Our credit transfer system follows two major principles:

Credit Transfer from Prior Education: This refers to credits that are transferred because of successful completion of academic courses at a different institution including internal assignments, projects, and exams.

Credit Transfer from Valid Professional Experience: In certain cases where the student has obtained professional experience or knowledge through independent study, credits from certain courses and general education are accepted.

The Board of Academics at EBU includes knowledgeable educators across the globe , who contribute their skills to supervise academic affairs. The Board is committed to protecting academic standards and integrity while involved in academic management.

You have the option to either post your questions on the learning portal as a query or email academics@ebu.ac, where our academic management will address them.

The certification process begins once all assignments have been submitted with in the stipulated course duration and usually takes 2-3 months.

East Bridge University offers different methods for validating degrees, including independent third-party organizations and standard legalization processes. Nevertheless, these choices could require a significant amount of time and result in extra charges. EBU is involved in issuing validation letters to organizations, schools, and institutions where students apply, as well as providing reference letters to confirm their course performance.

Educational institutions are unable to guarantee global recognition of their degrees. The acceptance of higher education certificates depends on the guidelines of the receiving institution or employer, as well as the country in which they are located.

The Hague Apostille service can help internationally apostille degrees for countries in The Hague Convention, while non-signatory countries can opt for Embassy Legalization. Apostille confirms the validity of educational and personal documents, verifying the genuineness of certificates given by EBU. Many establishments and groups give importance to apostilled documents. Nonetheless, obtaining an apostille involves an extra expense, and students can consult academic advisors for more information on the procedure.

It depends on each individual cases. Kindly get in touch with your course coordinator to determine the precise fee.

EBU hosts its graduation ceremony annually . Every year, we host large convocation ceremonies in India and Thailand to honour our students' achievements. The ceremony symbolizes the acknowledgment and importance given to our deserving students.

Students and alumni should make sure to follow our social media channels in order to receive notifications about graduation announcements.

EBU prides itself on its impressive network of alumni and a flourishing international student base Our social media accounts display our global candidates. Click on the link to view our worldwide outlook : https://www.ebu.ac/success-stories.php

Have more questions? Mail it to us at contact@ebu.ac
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What makes us unique

Study Guide

East Bridge University’s comprehensive Home Study Guide encompasses effective teaching methods, study techniques, exam procedures, and online learning tips which are ideal for work- life balance for modern learners.


East Bridge University fosters deep learning through critical thinking, cognitive processing, and creative writing, nurturing lifelong intellectual development.

Academic Acceptance

East Bridge University follows a systematic method before the students are accepted into a course of study. Prior learning and professional experience are considered majorly for academic acceptance.

Evaluation and Grading

East Bridge University assesses students' readiness for the future using tailored rubrics, evaluating assignments for coherence, clarity, content comprehension, and Personal Quality Thinking (PQT) through case studies and problem-solving.

Propel your career to the next level with flexible business degrees designed for working professionals. Take the first step to success.

Annual Convocation

East Bridge University's Annual Convocation is a notable milestone reflecting years of dedication, hard work, and commitment to academic excellence. This event honors our graduates' accomplishments as they embrace knowledge and emerge as future leaders.


Student Feedback

East Bridge University, praised by Influential Business Leaders


Pursuing the Professional Doctorate in Sales and Marketing program has significantly contributed to my professional and personal growth. The program exposed me to a comprehensive research work and literature review, providing a deep understanding of my field of study. This enabled me to create the “UniK Psycho-Sales Model”, a milestone in my career.

Dr. Unnikrishnan T.T
Manager at Al Makateb Office Furniture, Bahrain
Professional Doctorate in Sales & Marketing

My sincere gratitude for the transformative experience I had during the professional Doctorate of Business administration program. The journey was not only intellectually stimulating but also profoundly impactful on my professional development. throughout the program, I acquired comprehensive and nuanced understanding of various aspects of business administration. The knowledge gained has not only broadened my perspective but has also equipped me with a solid foundation to address complex business challenges

Mr. Jayden Tay Hongsheng
A dedicated professional with a wealth of experience, Singapore
Professional Doctorate in Business Management

It has been a fantabulous journey with East Bridge College. The great team provided me with excellent mentoring and guidance. I firmly believe that this study helped me advance professionally as well. I'm grateful to my mentor for helping me all the way through to this success. The webinars and course material were very educational and beneficial for my research environment. Once again, a big thank you to the EBC team. I'm confident I'll continue my learning adventure with them in the future.

Mr. Kaaushik Vardhan
Senior Infrastructure Cloud & On-Premise Project Manager, Malaysia
Professional Doctorate in Business Management

It has been an amazing journey with East Bridge College. EBC provides a wonderful platform to working professionals to accomplish their dreams. I believe as a Principal of a leading school ,the Doctoral Program will immensely help me in my career growth. The course structure was well organized. The support team was super spontaneous. Above all I will express my heartfelt gratitude to my guide in the course, or his encouragement & guidance

Puja Bhattacharya
School Principal, Kolkata, India Professional Doctoral Program

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