Professional Doctorate in Tourism Management

The tourism industry is recognised as an essential driver of a country's economic growth and employment prospects; hence, pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Tourism Management from East Bridge University will allow individuals to advance their careers in the tourism industry by gaining expertise that integrates theoretical research with real-world application. This doctorate is specifically designed for professionals in their mid-career who have significant experience in the tourism industry.

An online PD in tourism management provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to advance as leaders in the tourism industry. A doctorate in tourism management examines a wide range of topics such as tourism, hospitality, destination management, and sustainable tourism, while also providing in-depth knowledge of research methods and their application to overcome practical challenges in the tourism industry. When a student completes a dissertation or research project as part of the program, they establish an acceptable threshold for their expertise and comprehension of tourism management.

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Course Features

  • Credits - 180
  • Duration upto 36 months
  • Mode - Online
  • Assessment - MCQs-Research Work and Defense
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