Professional Doctorate in Management

A Professional Doctorate in Management from East Bridge University is a higher-learning degree tailored to enhance the skills and knowledge of senior professionals by providing them necessary knowledge and tools for career advancement. This is an online doctorate program that focuses on developing mastery and proficiency in management theories, analytical thinking, leadership, and organisational behaviour. Through intense research and academic coursework, senior professionals garner a comprehensive understanding of complex business challenges and can effectively formulate innovative approaches to address them.

The Professional Doctorate in Management also enables students to apply management concepts and theories in real-life scenarios which allows professionals to devise strategies and solutions in real-world business settings. Our graduates are well-trained to to take on executive and managerial roles across various domains contributing to the overall business growth of organisations and contributing to the advancement of management theory and practice making a significant impact on their chosen field.

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Course Features

  • Credits - 180
  • Duration upto 36 months
  • Mode - Online
  • Assessment - MCQs-Research Work and Defense
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