Professional Doctorate in International Business

A Professional Doctorate in International Business is a highly sought-after career advancement program designed for experienced professionals that equips them with specialised knowledge and proficiency in the field of global business. The course is a combination of rigorous academic research and real-life applications of academic theories to solve complex business problems that enable candidates to make noteworthy contributions to the international business environment.

The PD in International Business from East Bridge University is tailored to best suit the needs of professionals with substantial work experience in global business and who already possess a master's degree. The course is apt for professionals from various backgrounds including executives, managers, consultancies, entrepreneurs, and government officials. The program amplifies the comprehension of intricate global business dynamics which prepares the candidates for leadership roles in organisations and also empowers them to perform in-depth research on critical issues in the field.

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Course Features

  • Credits - 180
  • Duration upto 36 months
  • Mode - Online
  • Assessment - MCQs-Research Work and Defense
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