Professional Doctorate in Economics

The Professional Doctorate in Economics is a specialised and distinguished academic degree crafted for individuals who envision becoming experts and enhancing their career trajectory in the realm of economics. This advanced degree program from East Bridge University is tailor-made to perfectly equip experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to excel in the domain of economics.

Our doctorate is best suited for experienced professionals who are already working within the field of economics as economists, policymakers, consultants, or executives in financial institutions or others. A PD in Economics is an excellent way to enhance their knowledge and grasp of economic concepts, practices, and their measurable consequences along with the development of research, analysis, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

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Course Features

  • Credits - 180
  • Duration upto 36 months
  • Mode - Online
  • Assessment - MCQs-Research Work and Defense
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