Professional Doctorate in E-Commerce

A Professional Doctorate in E-Commerce is a specialised career advancement higher-learning degree designed to develop supreme research acumen along with academic knowledge and practical applications. The course is tailored for individuals who have already garnered substantial practical knowledge and possess a considerable amount of experience in the field of e-commerce management but are looking forward to further enhancing their skills and credentials to attain managerial or leadership roles in their organisations.

Pursuing a Professional Doctorate in E-Commerce from East Bridge University exposes the candidates to rigorous coursework that amplifies comprehension of best e-commerce practices, emerging trends, and critical thinking skills. Graduates of a Professional Doctorate in E-commerce are well-equipped to pursue careers as professors, researchers, consultants, or serve senior executive roles where they can contribute to the growth of the organisation, formulate policies, and bring forth innovation in the field.

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Course Features

  • Credits - 180
  • Duration upto 36 months
  • Mode - Online
  • Assessment - MCQs-Research Work and Defense
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